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The Last Debutante

Daria Babcock is a young English Miss, approaching spinsterhood and the last among her friends who is unmarried. Denied for another chance in London, Daria convinced her parents to let her complete the task of hand carrying a bank note to her Grandmother in Scotland. It was a chance of an adventure and an unknown situation awaiting her in Scotland. Arriving in her Grandmother’s house, she found a very naked and wounded man in bed.

Jamie Campbell, Laird of Dundavie suddenly found himself naked in bed, groggy from medication and painfully wounded in a land owned by the enemy. Accusing the old woman of thievery, poison and murder, he kidnapped Daria for ransom until he gets back the money stolen from his clan. How long he is going to get his money back he isn’t sure but when you have a beautiful and spirited girl for ransom it can only mean trouble.


The book started with two stories told in the voice of Daria and Jamie. Don’t expect to read about English rogues and English society, most of the story is set in Scotland. I found myself skimming through the words in the first few chapters. The characters were given enough time to grow through the experiences they had to go through. I don’t feel the attraction between Daria and Jamie even when the book tells it so. The feeling was only captured towards the end of the book. I honestly did not expect the truth of the conflict between Daria and her Grandmother. I was taken by surprise and I was glad that the conflict and truth was revealed. It’s a love story. There has to be a happy ending or at least these kinds of books has to have one.


The Last Debutante is part of a book series revolving around the people of Hadley Green where the female protagonist is originally from. If you are looking for an easy read, not much thinking involve, this book is nice enough to while away the time.


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Paperback: The Last Debutante by Julia London
Kindle E-Book: The Last Debutante – Secrets of Hadley Green (Kindle Edition)
Audio Book: The Last Debutante by Julia London (Audio Edition)